Many of these paintings are part of a recent series, "Romanticism Exposed." It’s about a love that I thought I would never experience… Art appeals to ones passions, sensitivities and is profoundly personal. Romance is something everyone can relate to as an ideal that sweeps across their mind and becomes a happy, private, enchanting oasis for the heart. In my work entitled "Romanticism Exposed “I strive to connect with my own romantic reflections and translate those illusory concepts onto the canvas.  As we all carry with us a concept of romance as unique to us as our fingerprints, I hope my work might resonate upon the viewers heartstrings of those as they reflect upon the piece with the mindset of their own romantic experiences past, present and future. It has been an amazing experience for me to expose such innermost personal thoughts and to try to capture them in my art.  


Art By Renee Marie



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